Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curbing Climate Change – Are Sermons Enough?

Gravity of climate change and its effects on mankind has become the hottest topics around, but the big questions is – are we doing enough to avoid its consequences? Discourse on this global issue is required on a local as well as national level; however this alone does not prove effective in motivating people to work for environmental sustainability. The present need is to develop communities on a local level. Economic incentives provided to the local inhabitants through development projects will motivate them to fight the effects of climate change. The same pattern is being followed by a social enterprise named Ecosphere Spiti in India. Spiti is a cold desert region in the Himalayas and this organization works towards the eco-conservation of this valley along with the provision of good quality products and services ranging between health, travel and organics.

Winters in Spiti are extreme and food production in this valley is limited to one crop a year. This depends on the snowmelt and in case of any changes in the weather pattern; the local inhabitants face serious food issues. Ecosphere Spiti is encouraging the residents to adopt eco-friendly agricultural methods. Houses are being remodeled so that the heat retention can be increased. Ecosphere Spiti works in collaboration with the local community and NGOs such as Spiti Seabuckthorn, Spiti Trans-Himalayan Action Group and Muse that focus on environment conservation and sustainable development. The team of Ecosphere Spiti consists of field workers, mountaineers, agriculturists and managers who have been actively involved in adventure, travelling and eco-conservation for years.

This enterprise is not only working towards the creation of local livelihoods but also helping curb climate change by linking local people to conservation and development projects. Effective amalgamation of sustainable development and environment conservation like these can prove beneficial in making the world a better place to live in.

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