Sunday, October 4, 2009

Climate Change May Leave 25 Millions Kids Hungry By 2050

If the effects of climate change are ignored in the coming years, Asia Pacific countries will face decline in food production, increase in poverty and acute shortage of food and energy. Experts have predicted that by 2050, more than 25 million kids will not get proper food due to the rise in greenhouse gas emission from the developed world. India will be the worst hit Asian region due to the rise in carbon footprint.

Even Africa will face the devastating impacts of global warming in the coming years. Climate experts are predicting that the sea level will rise, large African cities might get submerged and over 40% wildlife habitat will disappear. The production of cereals in this continent is very limited and with climate change creating havoc, the yield will further decrease by 5%. In order to avoid this problem, annual investment of approximately 7 billion dollars will be required from the rich countries for the development of rural areas in underdeveloped nations. This investment will not only help the farmers increase agricultural productivity but also help them adapt to the climate change effects.

The market access of poor farmers will increase if developed nations increase their investment in irrigation, rural roads and agricultural research in Asia Pacific regions. Decline in crop yield in countries like Nepal, India and Afghanistan has been caused due to the increase in frequency of floods, erratic rainfall, droughts and melting of glacial ice. Due to lack of funds, little of historical weather and climate data of developing countries is being used to improve the forecasting of climate.

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