Sunday, September 6, 2009

Protesting Global Warming with Climate Camps

Camping to protest global warming? How effective will that be? I recently came across an interesting article that talked about ‘go green’ climate campers in the UK who set up protest camps annually to express their disapproval towards the fundamental causes of climate change. With thousands of protestors from all walks of life joining this movement, the camping becomes an eye catching event.

Anyone who feels strongly about the failure of government agencies, institutions and business organizations in curbing global warming can join the climate campers. A similar camp was organized in 2008 at Kingsnorth coal fired power station, over the issue of new coal in the UK. Another camp was held during the G20 meeting in London, which closed down the carbon trading center in the financial district for the day.

Personally, this innovative concept of good work and supporting the cause of controlling climate change can be extremely motivating. You may be surprised to learn that these camps are more than just people sitting around with banners and addressing grave issues. The campers also indulge in learning new things about sustainable living. From erecting a marquee to wind turbine construction, a lot of interesting things happen at these climate camps. It also proves to be a great platform for making friends and initiating collective action.

If you also feel strongly about environmental sustainability and want to become a part of it, you can join the climate camp in UK which starts from 26th August to 2nd September. This 2009 climate camp will also be getting ready for its autumn mass action before UN climate talks start in December in Copenhagen.

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