Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 10:10 Climate Change Campaign

We all can make micro-choices for saving the environment, but sometimes a strong lead is required to combine individual actions and make a difference. Campaigns like 10:10 launched on 1st September are a good example of bringing together individual and organizational efforts to achieve environmental sustainability. The idea behind this campaign is to encourage the reduction of carbon emission by 10% during 2010. But why set a target for 2010? If scientists are to be believed, world emission in the next few years will peak and begin to fall. If the target is set for a longer period, chances of controlling climate change will be reduced.

Small steps to save energy can make a big difference and such initiatives aim to show that immediate action is required for significant results. Started by Franny Armstrong, the filmmaker of the Age of Stupid, the 10:10 UK campaign is being backed by the Carbon Trust, Guardian, prominent political figures and several major NGOs.

Individual efforts may otherwise seem to be a drop in the ocean but not if it turns into a mass movement. UK accounts for merely 2% of the world emission but if more people and companies sign up for such causes, other countries will also be encouraged to initiate similar campaigns.

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