Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will The Arctic Remain The Same?

Scientists have projected that the Arctic sea ice is melting three times faster and if the forces of climate change continue to spread the same way in the frigid north, the Arctic will change forever. They have stated that the pace at which the ice is melting has outstripped our ability to keep up with it. Having lost the reflective power of huge ice packs, more heat is being absorbed by the Arctic water as the ice melts. The heat is then released in the air which has resulted in the fall of temperature in the Arctic, making it approximately ten degrees warmer.

It’s time we start associating the Arctic with more than just sea ice and polar bears. Over the past 150 years, our earth has warmed by the average of 0.7 degree Fahrenheit and the Arctic has also warmed thrice that amount. The northernmost latitudes have witnessed extensive decrease in the show cover over land. These changes are also affecting the flora and fauna dwelling in this region. Since the persistence of ice sheets has changed, species like hooded seals, polar bears, Pacific walrus and ivory gulls are bearing the brunt of rising temperature. Climate change is destroying the environment faster than the models had predicted and it seems that global warming is all set to make the Arctic a thing of the past.

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