Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Current Climate Change Series on Justmeans

Summary of current and new series at LEED Buildings, policy, renewable energy, organizations doing good work for climate change.

If it hasn't already become apparent, this climate change blog has a mother climate change blog at At Justmeans the number of excellent writers has doubled and in particular Brian Kahn has joined the family. He is in the middle of an excellent series on communicating climate change, be sure to check that out. Brian will be writing for climate change regularly, so be sure to follow him on as well. Other climate change series on Justmeans are also being published and a couple of new ones as well, they are:

The LEED Building and Energy Efficiency Series. This series will focus on the most successful green movement, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) run by the most successful green organization ever created, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). A rundown of credits and cost-saving measures will hopefully make it easier to understand why LEED is the future, today. It is an organization that exemplifies the triple bottom line: "People, planet, and profit." When I traveled to Denmark to learn from the nation’s world-class renewable energy programs, I learned that the most valuable thing they could still do was to increase energy efficiency of buildings. In the US, buildings consume over 72% of electricity and 30% of total energy (USGBC, 2010). Sustainable, green, and energy efficient buildings combat climate change, are profitable, and increase worker productivity and health.

The ongoing Climate Change Policy Series was originally designed to give a background of countries' climate change and energy policies leading up to the climactic (or anticlimactic) COP15 summit. It was the hope of this author, like many across the globe, that once the summit ended a global agreement on climate change would be signed. This would set us on the path of a concerted effort and a new series dedicated to new commitments would begin - maybe next time.

Another ongoing series is the Renewable Energy Solutions for Climate Change Series. Justmeans recently added an editorial category titled: Energy and Emissions, run by Paul Birkeland a former aerospace engineer and Brian Cotta a PhD in materials science, and that technically this series belongs there. However, it's difficult separating renewable energy and climate change, like separating sustainability and climate change. The problem is climate change and global warming; the solutions are renewable energy, efficiency, and sustainability.

The Organizations Doing Good Work for Climate Change Solutions Series. This can include companies, but a focus will be to dedicated climate change organizations. Submissions and press releases will only be accepted on Justmeans via messaging either me, Juan Carlo Pascua, or Brian Kahn. If you already have an account we'll scour your press releases on Justmeans as well, just be sure to follow the climate change editorial so that we may follow you as well, it's just easier to keep track of updates that way. Cheers!

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