Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Climate Change Doomsday Vision

Developed as well as under developed countries across the world are imposing regulations on factories, refineries and power plants to cut their greenhouse gas emission. They are being encouraged to make use of technology in order to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the damage being caused by climate change. Environment protection agencies have stated that large power plants are the biggest source of approximately 70% of greenhouse gas emission. Mostly, these plants emit carbon dioxide when fossil fuel is burnt.

Recently, a doomsday vision was showed off by two British cabinet ministers who discussed about rising sea levels and disappearing cities. This vision was a part of the global effort to encourage countries across the world to initiate a new pact and control the emission of gases that cause global warming. These ministers also published an online map to show the impact of rising earth temperature (predicted rise of 4 degree Celsius). This map was created by scientists at the British Meteorological Office in order to show that nations across the world need to realize the dangerous effects of greenhouse gas emission and take immediate measures to curb it.

UK has pledged to bring down the emission of harmful gases like CO2 by approximately 80% by 2050. Even though this is a long term target, developed and under developed countries will have to come on the same platform and address this issue. The need is to strike an agreement so that the rise in temperature can be controlled and we all are protected from ‘the’ doomsday.

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